Featured Book: “Knight Without Armor”

Knight without Armor: Carlos E. Castañeda is the definitive biography of one of the most honored yet unknown historians of the twentieth century. No other historian of Hispanic descent has matched Castañeda’s success, with twelve books and nearly eighty articles published in three decades. He was also one of the most distinguished, having earned prestigious accolades such knighthood in the Vatican’s Equestrian Order of the … Continue reading Featured Book: “Knight Without Armor”

Featured Book: “Valor & Discord”

From the back cover: “Forty years after Among the Valiant was published, second-generation Purple Heart recipient and Vietnam veteran, Eddie Morin, chronicles the heroism demonstrated in combat by Mexican-Americans. The social upheaval that clouded the purpose of supreme sacrifice is in the backgrounds of interviews of these brave and valiant heroes”. Inscribed by the author. Continue reading Featured Book: “Valor & Discord”